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Our Flooring Department is committed to becoming your first choice when it comes to
your hardwood floor installation or refinishing 10yrs down the road! We are here to serve
you! Hardwood floor installation in Seattle can be very tricky depending on the time of  the
year and we want to recommend that you save time, money, headaches as well as
backaches by allowing our team of professionals to handle your hardwood floor project.
Save your self the expense of acquiring all the power tools, knowledge, time and possible
downfalls of trying to complete your own hardwood floor installation.

Quality hardwood installation should be done by professionals to not only back it with our
warranty but to give you the luxury atmosphere that a perfectly colored spieces of wood to
bring out your personality for comfort in your surroundings. When your ready for a quality
hardwood floor installation in Seattle consider using the professionals in our Flooring
department. We handle commercial jobs or residential projects, regardless of size. Whether
you desire exotic hand sawn hardwoods or economical laminates, we are your hardwood
floor installation professionals.
Sanding and Finishing Expectations:

Installing, sanding, and refinishing your hardwood floors will add value and beauty to your home, but as with
any home improvement you should expect some disruption and inconvenience. We will employ our
experience, the latest equipment and the most environmentally safe materials to complete the work with the
least possible disruption. However, you should be aware of the following factors: Pre-installation
requirements All furniture, appliances, wall hangings, and counter tops must be cleared from work area.
The temperature and relative humidity should be at normal living conditions (68-73 degrees and 30-50%
relative humidity). All old floor coverings and baseboard trim must be removed unless otherwise specified
in job proposal. All hardwood must be acclimated for 5-10 days prior to installation in home (not in garage)
There will be noise, vibration, light dust, and some vapors during the sanding and refinishing process.
Even though we have dust containment equipment, there will be a need for a light dusting after completion
of the job. We also recommend changing the furnace filter after the completion of the job. Please keep pets
and children out of home from the time the finish is applied and for 12 hours after application. Finish is not
fully cured for 7 days after completion of the job. The manufacturer of our finish does not recommend the
placement of area rugs or heavy furniture on the floor till finish is completely cured. (use your own

Other Information You Should Know
When work is completed you may need to do light paint touch up to base and shoe moldings, as well as
your walls. You will need to do a light dusting, even though we use dust containment equipment.

     Our working hours are 9:00am-5:00pm (unless otherwise specified by lead man on job).
Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly and they add to the value of a
home. A recent survey of real estate agents estimates that hardwood flooring
can add as much as $7,000 to $10,000 to a home's resale value.
New Installation
Hardwood Flooring Installation you have so many choices!

The classic look of high quality hardwood flooring will elevate the stature of any home. Hardwood floors can last for up to 100 years if cared
for properly. Our Team at Seattle Groaut and Tile We have the best hardwood installers in the north west! We will give you the hardwood
floor of your dreams at a price point that can’t be beat in the City of Seattle!
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